Fourth of July

 shirt: Banana Republic // skirt: JCrew // shoes: DSW

One of my all time favorite holidays is the Fourth of July! I am an absolute sucker for everything American. Especially when veterans are recognized, or when I watch videos of military homecomings, or when I think about how much sacrifice went into my freedoms.

And of course, one of the best things about the Fourth of July is Stadium of Fire! This year TIM MCGRAW came. Lemme tell ya, I was majorly freaking out. And he sounded just as good live as he does on his record. AH SO GOOD

Pleated Goodness

shirt: Saks Off Fifth // skirt: Tory Burch // shoes: DSW // necklace: Rocksbox // bag: Kate Spade

First of all, can you believe that I got this Tory Burch skirt for $45?!!? It was originally $400, but I got it at the outlet and on sale! Best thing ever. This shirt is also the single most comfortable piece of clothing that I own, and I'm obsessed with scallops. And these $30 shoes are my favorite purchase this spring. So basically, this outfit was a major win for me.

Also, RocksBox is a super great jewelry company that sends you three pieces of high-end jewelry, basically on loan, for you to wear! You select your jewelry preferences and their stylists send you three pieces that they think you will like. And, the best part is that you can send the jewelry back as often as you'd like to exchange for three new pieces to wear! It's the ability to wear high quality jewelry for an affordably monthly price. If you've wanted to wear new jewelry, but can't stand to buy new jewelry for each outfit, this is perfect! AND if you use my link, you get the first month free to see if you like it!

Mother's Day!

Much love to my one and only momma.
I couldn't let this day pass without a post about my idol. I love her, I look up to her, I aspire to be her.
Needless to say, she's been the one that is always there for me, whether I want to look like the Washington Monument for Halloween, or am looking for a prom dress (which by the way, she found at the DI for me, so major props to her). I am unbelievably grateful for her and her love and selflessness.

spring & comfy casual

 shirt: Shop Sevan // jeans: Target // shoes: Forever Young Shoes // necklace: Rocksbox // bag: Kate Spade

It's been a pretty dreary past week! Lots of rain and not a lot of sunshine. But today, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping and the trees were blowing, so it was all in all it was a wonderful day. 

I got this shirt from Shop Sevan a couple weeks ago, and let me tell ya, it's the most comfortable thing I've ever worn! Holy cow. And the slits in the sides make me want to twirl and twirl. And, if you use the code FIFTEENOFF at checkout, you get 15% off your whole purchase! Check out their shop, it's the cutest thing ever!!

Vegas Blooms

dress: JunieBlake // shoes: DSW 

Lemme tell you about this dress. I got it as a bridesmaid for my brother's wedding and I have worn it SO MUCH since then! It is stretchy and super comfortable, modest, and so flattering. Quite frankly, when I don't know what to wear, I always wear this dress. And the compliments I get are off the charts. AND these shoes are basically my favorite spring-time purchase ever. They go with everything because they are strappy, white, and super versatile.

This past weekend my parents and I were able to go to Vegas for a concert. Whenever I think of Vegas I think of the strip, casinos, and uncleanliness, because lets face it, it's Vegas. Today, before we headed home, we stopped in a small ward to take the sacrament. And there, in the middle of the neighborhood in Las Vegas, were all these blooming bushes on the sides of the street! What a beautiful reminder to look for the beauty in all places!